The night of the Boston Marathon bombings, he ate supper with Dhzokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev at a kebob restaurant in Somerville. Four days later on Matanov saw photographs of his friends detailed as suspects in the bombings on the CNN and FBI websites. That day he visited the neighborhood police Later. He told them that he understood the Tsarnaev brothers and that they’d acquired dinner together that week, but he lied about whose basic idea it was to have dinner, lied about when specifically he had looked at the Tsarnaevs’ photos on the web, lied about whether Tamerlan lived with his wife and daughter, and lied about when he and Tamerlan experienced last prayed together.Chinese Government TO IMPROVE Health Care Spending TO BOOST Public Health China’s central government plans to increase health care spending by 16.2 percent of the government’s 5.43 trillion yuan in overall expenditures this year, and can go toward preventing chronic and mental illnesses, and also HIV and AIDS, Mr. Wen said,’ regarding to China Realtime Record. ‘The amazing turnaround of the provision of a simple program in Africa’s second most populous country – from under 20 percent overall clean water gain access to in 2000 to 68.5 percent today – provides cost around $745 [million] since 2005, stated water minister Kebede Gerba within an interview with the Guardian,’ according to the post.