Mercury concentrations were better in bighead carp and were elevated in both species extracted from the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. ‘These fish are lower in mercury compared to many other commercially obtainable fish. However, as often consumers need to make educated decisions about their food choices,’ said Dr. Jeff Levengood, lead investigator of the scholarly study. Arsenic and selenium concentrations in silver and bighead carp fillets examined did not pose a risk to human consumers. Inorganic arsenic concentrations had been undetectable and concentrations of selenium in carp fillets were well below the 1.5 mg/kg threshold for restricting the true number of meals relating to the US Environmental Protection Agency.Depending on your choice, they possess different textures that consist of body wave, loose wave, right, deep wave, curly, organic wave and the list continues on. You have to choose the best one relating to your choice and requirement and place your order at a selected store regarding to them. With the demand of such classy collection raising day after day, you should have some better choices of finding the right one from the comfort and ease of house and at extremely lower prices. Color, design, design and size of extensions rely on your own choice and budget. Some manufacturers have come up with directly supply to end-users because they want to allow users save even more amount of cash. Depending on your decision and budget, you need to reach at the right manufacturer, pick the best quality, go through the details and design, add to cart the right one and place your purchase according to your requirement.