An interview with Dr Matt SilverPastas and rice are inexpensive and healthful pantry staples offering diversity in your kitchen. ‘Once again, these are items which have an extended shelf lifestyle and there are various ways to use them. They are the foods that are on the bottom of the meals pyramid, which means the majority of your diet ought to be made up of these grains, which are inherently less expensive,’ stated Bird. ‘Meats – which are more expensive – are higher on the pyramid and really should be limited within their intake, another money-saver.’ Bird recommends chili, tacos, stir-fry and stews/soups as simple-to-make meals that incorporate inexpensive elements, including frozen grains and vegetables.Statement by Eric J. Hall, president and CEO, Alzheimer’s Base of America: Related StoriesRestoring memory space in aging miceAmyloid Family pet method works well for detecting early symptoms of Alzheimer's diseaseSalsalate drug gives new expect treating Alzheimer's disease and FTD We applaud the passage by the home of Representatives today and by the Senate the other day of the National Alzheimer’s Project Take action, and thank Representatives Edward J especially. Markey and Representative Chris Smith and Senators Evan Bayh and Susan Collins for championing the legislation. This momentous actions marks an important acknowledgement of the urgency of the public wellness crisis and the need for a strategic and coordinated strategy that will result in effective treatment and care.