Donations can be made through the CARE Australia website or by phoning 1800 020 046. Treatment Australia may be the country’s largest nonpolitical, non-religious overseas help organisation.. Arterial reconstruction in adult-to-adult LDLT has high risk of thrombosis: Study Hepatic artery thrombosis , which is the many common vascular complication following living donor liver transplantation , can lead to graft loss and devastating consequences. Surgical techniques are suggested to a key point in leading to HAT.For the study – released in the September 12 problem of Neurology – experts tested cholesterol amounts for nearly 2,600 people between the age groups of 40 and 79 who had no indications of Alzheimer’s. The experts checked in on participants 10 to 15 years and performed autopsies on 147 individuals who died later on, and discovered 34 % of these people had been identified as having dementia. The autopsies also demonstrated the hallmark plaques and tangles, representative of protein buildup in the mind. The key finding? Only 62 % of people with low cholesterol had them. The finding raises an interesting question: Can Alzheimer’s be treated with cholesterol-reducing drugs? Alas, probably not. ‘Our study obviously makes the point that high cholesterol may contribute straight or indirectly to plaques in the mind,’ Sasaki said, ‘but failed treatment trials of cholesterol-lowering medications in Alzheimer’s disease means there is absolutely no simple link between reducing cholesterol and stopping Alzheimer’s.’ What might work? Insulin, according to another study, published September 12 issue of Archives of Neurology.