In this scholarly study, the investigators sought to understand if amyloid peptide contributed to secondary damage. Amyloid peptides are produced when a long proteins in the brain known as the amyloid precursor proteins is trim in two by the enzyme beta secretase, and then cut into smaller parts by another enzyme, referred to as gamma secretase. It worked. By using a gamma secretase inhibitor, we prevented much of secondary traumatic mind injury in mice in our experiments, he says. To look at the role of amyloid in mind injury, the experts used two different methods to blocking activation of the pathway that creates amyloid peptide. They used several mice which were genetically altered so they did not produce any beta secretase, which meant they were not capable of producing amyloid. In addition they treated normal mice with the experimental agent DAPT, one of the initial gamma secretase inhibitors created and the model upon which some Alzheimer’s disease medicines now in clinical tests are centered.‘As employers increasingly engage in improving the fitness of their employees, substantial potential savings stick to the table from getting ultimately more employees to work every day as their wellness improves over time,’ the researchers wrote in their report. ’77 %’ The chronic health issues most linked with workplace absenteeism included in the record were high blood circulation pressure, asthma, being overweight or obese, neck/leg/back pain, cancers, depression, heart diabetes and attack. Results of the findings were based on 94,000 interviews conducted through 2012 among U.S.