All of the 14 reported [human] infections from the H7N9 bird flu stress have been in eastern China and at least four of the lifeless are in Shanghai, Reuters notes . This is the first-time the H7N9 virus offers been detected in humans, but there is no evidence that any risk of strain is certainly transmitted from individual to human, officials stated, the Washington Post writes . The White House can be keeping a close eyesight on the outbreak. , a spokeswoman stated on Thursday, noting that the U.S. Government is ready to help world wellness authorities if needed, Reuters writes in a second article . Experts from around the world are in daily discusses the danger posed by [H7N9], including discussions on if and when to start making a vaccine, the news headlines service notes in a separate article .The researchers estimate that a high-dose aspirin regimen that prevented a couple of cases of colorectal malignancy in a population might also contribute to eight additional situations of serious gastrointestinal bleeding. Before we can make any recommendations about whether individuals should take these medications to reduce their cancer risk, we will need additional studies that clarify the dangers and benefits of such an approach, compared to additional prevention strategies particularly. For now, individuals need to discuss your options with their doctors says Chan, who is an instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School.