Anti-HIV vaginal gel could also reduce genital herpes by fifty %: Study By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD New research shows that a medication utilized as gel in avoidance of HIV transmission could possibly be useful against genital herpes. The study appears this week in the journal Cell Host & Microbe that examined the gel on women in South Africa found that the anti-HIV/AIDS drug tenofovir reduced herpes attacks by 51 percent and HIV infections by 39 percent. Researchers at National Institutes of Health, Gilead Sciences Inc. And universities in Belgium and Italy further note, that in human tissue, the medication inhibits enzymes that the virus needs in order to replicate.It also has a bad result. If the diet plan is not proper and if it does not contain any good vitamins and minerals, then you will certainly fall sick after pursuing it for a certain time period. It is really mandatory to seek advice from the specialists in this respect who are professional in this field and will provide you with the desired result. You can order diet pills for an effective result. The best and simplest way is to buy phenteramin online. These supplements are actually effective and as these are made out of natural basic products thus you won’t harm your health in any way. The online shops are going to offer you your medication at cost effective ranges which can only help you save lots of money. Again, you can purchase your required medicine from home only so that now, there is no need to hop in one store to some other for your medicine.