A new trend in psychiatry is the prescription of strong and toxic antipsychotic medicines to children with ADHD along with other behavioral disorders. The ‘off label’ use of these drugs come with a host of dangerous side effects-effects much worse than the behavioral complications they are supposedly treating. The kind of antipsychotics being administered is considered ‘atypical’ or second-generation meaning that they have just been on the market since the 1990s. Generally they are recommended to adults with significant mental disorders such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. However, a study shows that the quantity of children being prescribed antipsychotics offers increased seven-fold within an eight 12 months period. Furthermore, adolescents are showing increasing prices of antipsychotic prescriptions also.NPR: Deal Averting Shutdown Proves Compromise Is Alive, If Not Well On the other hand, Senate Democrats agreed to allow votes on defunding the Affordable Care Action and Planned Parenthood and agreed that there would be no additional funding of IRS brokers to enforce the new health care law’s individual mandate provisions. The defunding votes aren’t expected to move in the Senate but, again, it was a a not really inconsiderable concession by Democrats to guarantee the ground votes at all. Medical care law vote, for instance, will cause heartburn for a few Democrats facing tough re-election fights most likely, like Sen. Clair McCaskill of Sen and Missouri. Ben Nelson of Nebraska . Politico: Government Shutdown Avoided, White Republicans and House Reach Deal In the health care arena, the package assumes $3.5 billion in cost savings from the CHIP plan extending Medicaid insurance coverage to the children of working class families.