A nominal reduction in hospitalizations, as it happens, doesn’t scientifically substantiate promises that flu pictures are ‘safe and effective.’ We reported upon this extensively back in 2011, noting that blatant data manipulation is usually how authorities are able to make wild statements about flu shots becoming 60 percent effective when they’re really only about 1 percent effective. But who cares about science? If the CDC says flu vaccines are effective and safe, then by golly I’m going to get one! This seems to be what the CDC can be hoping the general public will say, anyway, as it attempts to pull the wool over the eye of anyone dumb more than enough to offer up his / her body for injection with a syringe loaded to the brim with live viruses, heavy metals, chemical substance byproducts and preservatives of infanticide.Register using the email form in the proper column now, and you will be emailed show details. Space Now could be limited – Register!. California spending budget could force seniors to assisted living facilities, drive up costs NPR reviews that California’s $26.3 billion spending budget deficit is marginalizing seniors who depend on California state-provided healthcare and service to greatly help them manage their lives. ‘One endangered plan is in-home support solutions for a lot more than 400,000 elderly and disabled. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger provides proposed cutting those ongoing providers for all however the most severe cases, that could force many who are independent to move into assisted living facilities now.