Dr. Gurol Suel, associate professor of pharmacology, stated his research and that of his co-workers published in the journal Science represents a new paradigm, suggesting that rather than being harmful to biology, cellular noise may have a significant function, such as prompting stem cells to transform right into a specific tissue type. Electronic noise can be an unwanted transmission characteristic of all electrical circuits, typically due to random fluctuations in the electric current passing through the the different parts of a circuit. Likewise, within each living cell there are myriad genetic circuits, each made up of a distinct set of biochemical reactions that contribute to some biological procedure. Randomness in those reactions plays a part in biological noise, technically referred to as stochastic fluctuations.In addition, the operational system has been designed from top to bottom for maximum vibration stability and robustness, including an area efficient yet stable footprint with completely integrated air isolation. This mix of features and features enables greater comfort and productivity in a host of markets, which range from ophthalmics and medical device implants to accuracy semiconductor and machining developing.' Together with the capability to keep the sample in concentrate when switching magnification, this dramatically improves productivity in the lab and throughput on the production floor, translating straight into customer cost savings. Munch, Ph.D., President of the Bruker Nano Surfaces Division. By adopting automation and tip/tilt head styles from our high-volume floor-installed systems, the bench top ContourGT-I now offers these capabilities to industries that previously might not have considered 3D optical microscopes as affordable or easy to use.