CWPW becomes person in Boston Children’s Hospital Boston Children's Medical center today announced that Children's & Women's Physicians of Westchester is officially an associate of its Community of Care network. CWPW doctors and personnel will continue providing care to their patients and families, while maintaining existing associations with Westchester Medical New and Center York Medical College. We're guided by the eyesight of providing a built-in network of pediatric locations and partnerships that deliver the highest-quality care in neighborhood communities and enable investments that ensure accessibility, affordability and enhancements in pediatric health .

If your child has adopted coffee drinking, one cup a day can easily become several , particularly if your child drinks it to stay awake during late-night study sessions. The simplest way to reduce coffee caffeine intake is to cut back slowly. Otherwise, children could easily get headaches and experience achy, depressed, or just downright lousy. Try substituting noncaffeinated beverages for caffeinated sodas and coffee . Keep an eye on how many caffeinated drinks your child has each day, and substitute one beverage weekly with a caffeine-free alternative until he or she offers gotten below the 100-milligram mark. Someone cutting back on caffeine may experience tired. The best bet is going to the sack, not really the sodas: It’s just a body’s way of saying that more rest is needed.