Vieth remarked that natural vitamin D levels of mammals who live outside in sunny climates is usually higher than that – up to 200 nanomoles-per liter. And Garland, whose display was entitled Breast Malignancy as a Supplement D Deficiency Disease presented data showing that raising one’s vitamin D status near those amounts decreased breast cancer risk a lot more than 77 %. ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ was once considered only for bone health, assisting the physical body process calcium. But newer work has proven that all cells in the body have supplement D receptors which help control normal cell development. Additionally, Garland presented fresh evidence that low supplement D status compromises the integrity of calcium-structured cellular bonding within tissues, which when eroded rogue cancer cells to spread more readily allow.And it confirms results of smaller, shorter-term studies that also linked chocolate with lower blood pressure. The findings, published in Monday’s Archives of Internal Medicine, derive from data collected for more than a decade on Dutch guys who were ages 65 and older in 1985. The long-operating Zutphen Elderly Study has been used by other researchers to consider risk factors for chronic disease. This time, experts examined the diet plan of 470 healthy guys who weren’t taking blood circulation pressure medicine. The males who ate the most products made from cocoa coffee beans including cocoa drinks, chocolate pubs and chocolate pudding had lower blood pressure and a 50 % lower threat of death.